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Peaceful Playgrounds Cool in School

One Minute Playground Tip: Age Appropriate Games

Age Appropriate games are designed so that children are able to play frequently and one person doesn't dominate the game with "do overs", second chances or by saying "I don't accept the serve." It is very important that children have age appropriate games for the playground.

If the games are age appropriate then you can expect :
That children will have the best chance at successful participation.
That children will be challenged but not frustrated.
That students will enjoy the game and engage in games with other students.

Peaceful Playgrounds also has the rule "You can't say, You can't play" because we want all games available to all students. This also makes for a more welcoming playground.

Benefits of a Walking/Jogging Track

1. This video is about the benefits of adding a walking/jogging track to the outside of your playground.
2. One of the least expensive ways of encouraging physical activity in schools is to add a walking and jogging track. You can do this with a little paint and a few stencils representing one of the least expensive physical activity interventions.
3. Peaceful Playgrounds Foundation has a walking and jogging track that's easy to install and a permanent solution to encouraging physical activity at your school.
4.Painting the outside perimeter of the playground is a benefit because it serves as a visual reminder of a physical activity choice that's easy to participate in. When I added a jogging track to my school site, classroom teachers began to bring their students out when they got restless and would have them run a lap around the track.
5. It is also a great activity when the grass is wet from over watering or a rainy day.