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We provide schools with online courses that would help create a peaceful playground environment. With a few proven strategies we’ll show you how to reduce bullying, and reduce playground conflicts, resulting in happy students and a thankful staff.

Our research indicates that 5 situations contribute to 95% of all problems on typical elementary school playgrounds. In this fast paced webinar we’ll share those problem situations and our proven strategies for turning your playground into a “peaceful place for fun and games.”


Peaceful Playgrounds Foundation provides schools and organizations in need with supplies and physical activity kits. These supplies are donated through other Foundations and Corporations who wish to help contribute to their local communities.
We strongly believe that every child can benefit from physical activity and physical education. We provide schools with the proper supplies and activities to encourage students to get active and participate.


Peaceful Playgrounds Foundation has numerous resources to assist you in writing your school playground grants.

The Peaceful Playgrounds Program Kit includes several activity guides, rule books, program overview video, problem-solving strategies, and permanent game and activity designs painted on blacktop. Peaceful Playgrounds unique games are created using our easy-to-use playground stencils.

We provide tools such as:
Online Training
and much more