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Prospective Sponsorship

Prospective Sponsorship

Peaceful Playgrounds is a low cost alternative to expensive structures, and research shows that more children will play on the painted games on grass and blacktop than on an expensive pay structure, which costs $150,000 compared to the $5,000 Peaceful Playgrounds’ alternative. The Peaceful Playground Program Kit comes with markings for grass and blacktop games and activities where 89% of children play if given the choice. This project easily connects nationally to the Let’s Move Campaign led by our former First Lady, Michelle Obama, who called for Corporate/Community partnerships to “get our kids moving”. Peaceful Playgrounds is a program that gets children moving! Peaceful Playgrounds Games Packs and Stencils are economical, and research indicates that children are more physically active when markings are added.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Peaceful Playgrounds Foundation.

Please feel free to fill out the form if you are interested in becoming a sponsor. For more information about sponsorships or to become a sponsor, contact Francesca at francesca@peacefulplaygrounds.org.

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