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Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Our award-winning community outreach program provides a low-cost alternative to expensive play structures, which are only used approximately by 11% of school children. Our community outreach program comes with markings for grass and blacktop games and activities. Research shows that 89% of school children would use these markings if they were provided. This project will easily connect nationally to the Let’s Move Campaign lead by former First Lady, Michelle Obama, who has called for Corporate/Community partnerships to “get our kids moving”. Our community outreach program has been all over the United States and even the world! With 8,000 schools positively affected by Peaceful Playgrounds Foundation, we continue to help more students learn a healthier and active lifestyle.

How We Help

We’ve created resources and activities that have been proven to reduce bullying and playground conflicts. Foundations and corporations who wish to help contribute to their local communities provide us with supplies that is later distributed to schools in need. The future of our nation’s children, their health and well-being, relies on supporting daily, structured activities that create a healthy learning environment. Our resources promote an environment of cooperation and increasing physical activity that helps decrease childhood obesity.

Community Outreach - Four Squares

Community Outreach - Playgrounds

Community Outreach - Hopscotch

Our Progress

Peaceful Playgrounds was formed in 1998 and acquired Corporation status in 2004. It has enjoyed active involvement in the physical activity arena providing quality programs and services to children predominately reaching individual schools and districts. Since first introduced, Peaceful Playgrounds Programs have been implemented in approximately 8,000 schools across the nation representing about 8% of all elementary schools in America.